Venom 44


Venom 44: The flagship model of Ribco

Venom 44 is probably our biggest achievement. With offshore characteristics but at the same time high efficiency due to the stepped hull design, it is the result of a more that 20 years’ experience in RIB design and development from Ribco. It is characterized from smooth and dry ride, high performance offshore ride, very high average speeds on heavy weather and of course the feel of safe and comfort that no other boat on its class can provide.

A team of two Naval Architects in Greece together with the innovative ideas of Greek industrial designer Nikos Manafis, were working for two consecutive years for the production of 4 different versions of Venom 44.

The 4 Models :

Venom 44 Open Sterndrive
Venom 44 Open Outboard
Venom 44 Cabin Sterndrive
Venom 44 Cabin Outboard